Armarac Modula

Armarac® Modula systems are unique environmentally controlled, wall-mounted enclosures for 19-inch rackmount computer, networking, and communications equipment.

Armarac enclosures are the ideal way to protect critical equipment wherever space is limited – even in harsh or unsecured environments.

Environmental options include closed cycle air-conditioned module, dust and weatherproof seals, and fan assisted active cooling.
The Armarac Modula has horizontal opening clamshell doors, providing easy access to the internal Vertiblades which hold your equipment, mounted vertically.
Mount full depth servers, routers, switches and UPS in minimal space while maintaining full accessibility.
Keep all equipment quiet, cool, clean and secure even when deployed in hot or dirty environments.
Mix and match the modules, from a entry level with 5U of half-height equipment,
through to 26U of full depth 800mm devices.

The unique patented Vertiblade artitculated vertical mounting system houses your 19-inch equipment in a tighter footprint than ever before possible. Options for 550mm or 800mm deep cater for all equipment sizes.Mount 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U equipment within the available capacity of up to 26U

The Vertiblades provide a range of options for full depth and half depth devices with capacity to install up to three 19-inch patch panel mounts at the top and bottom of each module.
The Armarac Modula can be placed on walls or on the floor in any location.

  • Attractive functional
    design suitable for office, classroom or warehouse.

  • Optional secured LCD,
    Keyboard and touchscreen modules.

  • Optional high-capacity
    Air-conditioning keeps your equipment cool in harsh environments.

  • Secure mounting and
    full access to all 1U,2U,3U and 4U devices.

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